Pelagic Research Group LLC

Our services

Providing innovative solutions to your research questions, Pelagic Research Group LLC (“PRG”) can advise and assist clients from start to finish in studies; including answering questions about the research from scientific boards, animal permitting bodies (IAUCC), granting agencies, journal editors and referees.  PRG offers the following services:    

  • Project Management
  • Experimental design including conducting meta-analysis, power analysis & cost: benefit
  • Survival studies
  • Reducing bycatch mortality in pelagic fisheries
  • Review of tagging programs/platforms
  • Custom tag head and tether designs & solutions to increase PSAT tag retention
  • Supply all tagging & rigging materials at reasonable costs
  • Design novel biopsy sampling devices & instruments
  • Organize, plan and/or participate in field campaigns and tagging excursions
  • Training sessions
  • Preparation of grant proposals, reports and manuscripts; including conducting meta-analysis and systematic reviews (now required by many funding agencies)
  • Professional peer-review and full editorial services 

Dr. Michael Musyl, Principal Scientists at PRG, is a professional research scientist with strong cross-disciplinary core competencies in analytics; technical editing and writing; preparation of proposals, permits, & budgets; logistics; presenting seminars across different disciplines as well as possessing data-mining and cost-benefit proficiencies.   Direct expertise in business and patent development.  PRG collaborates with leading scientists and contractors to provide the best science possible to achieve your goals!

(NAICS codes applicable to PRG: 1125, 11251, 11251, 114119, 1141, 11411, 541330, 54161, 541611, 541614, 541618, 54162, 541620, 541690, 54169, 541990, 5417, 54171, 541712, 5419, 561410, 56141, 541380, 541711, 561410)