Pelagic Research Group LLC

 Current Research Projects

Meta-analysis of post-release mortality in istiophorid billfish released from fishing gear (funded by University Hawaii/JIMAR, NOAA/BREP, PIFSC)

Post-release survival of istiophorid billfish using biochemical correlates of survival and PSATs from commercial longline gear (with Prof. Moyes, Queen's University, Canada; funded by NOAA/BREP with assistance from PIFSC, PIRO, & JIMAR) 

Habitat preferences and movements of blue and striped marlin in the central and eastern Pacific (with Prof. Sun and Dr. Chiang, National Taiwan University and FRI, Taiwan; PSATs courtesy of PIFSC)

Migration of wahoo in the central Pacific determined by pop-up satellite archival tags (with Brendan Pasisi of Niue Fisheries; funded by PIRO, PIFSC)

PSAT retention, drag and hydrodynamic studies (with Dr. TT Jones, PIFSC; funded by JIMAR)